Lf lvl 50-53 Iron bear trooper

I’m looking for someone to send me a Lvl 50-53 Bear trooper com with +5 stainless steel bear (53 preferred)

  • boosts don’t matter but + max hp, splash damage, cooldown would be preferable
  • Can’t really trade Because of bad internet so must be sent via mail
  • If you’re looking for something I’ll happily look for one for repayment
  • Psn MidnightOtaku96

Thank you for your time :heart:

I have a LV 50 with +5 Stainless Steel Bear, the passives are complete trash like reload speed and elemental resistance.

I can post a pic later if your okay with that.

Sure let me see~

Aww… i appreciate that hun but that’s Raging bear I’m looking for bear trooper (50% more fuel and 50% more duration) Tho that’s not bad at all :hushed:

Want anything in return? I’m always farming XD

No it’ll never get used.

You can add me and I’ll mail it out tomorrow.

K~ what’s your psn?


K~ Thank you ^w^

Anyone? I’m willing to trade ^^;

I have a pretty decent on add me same name.

Not god roll but good roll.

K~ as long as it has 5 points into SSB I’m happy :heart:

Whoops didn’t see that sorry they do not.

Aww… seriously I’ve been farming 3 hours a day since it got a dedicated loot drop and still Nothing (And i mean Nothing XD not one mod)