LF lvl 50-54 Infinity

Been trying to unsuccessfully farm an inifinity for a couple days now, if you have one collecting dust in your bank (lvl 50-54) I can give it a good home! Willing to trade any of the other legendaries I’ve gotten during farming:
Sledge’s shotgun
Bowie Maggie
Nassty Madhous!
Rapider Gub
Rolling Thunder
Explosive Nasty Surprise
Homing Caustic Leech
Whiskey Tango Foxtrot

Screen name is Hyluvian, feel free to add me!

Just looted:
Legendary Siren class mod
Expansive Shredifier

And a dozen or so e-tech weapons

Cool, anything on my list something you’d trade for? All lvl 54 currently and I have 2 WTF shields now as well.

im at 57 now im just looking for the avenger and rare mechromancer/psycho heads

Unfortunately I dont have any of those, I wont be getting any 57 gear anytime soon either because my farming method doesnt generate xp. If I come across 54 versions of it I will message you. Feel free to add me on Xlive

FYI - Do not offer hacked weapons for trade here.

I have a few versions of the level 50 Infinity pistol for BL2. My gamertag is: Ample Bosom Hit me up, I’ll be on all day/weekend.