LF Lvl 50 Anointed Maggie

One of the following anointment’s:

  1. On Action Skill End, Weapon Damage is increased by 100% for a short time
  2. After using Rakk Attack!, gain 25% critical hit damage for a short time.

Masher itself being one that does high 500’s-600 dmg per pellet (basically the highest dmg Masher possible)

I have lots of different Legendaries and etc. that I can trade in return

Now that Maggie is fixed, updated thread title to reflect. Anyone out there that can help? I got lots of legendary items. Too many. I’ve been selling a lot of them. Damn you limited bank space!!!

Bumping this to catch any eyes. I hope thats okay. If not, sorry in advance.

LF Annointed Maggie /w +100% dmg on ASE
I’d take +25% Crit after Rakk Attack, but I prefer the +100% ASE

I have a couple anointed maggies I’m willing to trade but I can’t remember what the anointments are. I’ll check when I get home.

I’m looking for below items:
Weapons (preferably Rowan’s call, crossroad, breath of the dying, maggie, devastator) with Beastmaster Gamma Burst anointment

Legendary shields (preferably recharger) with: 5% health regen on full and anointment: 5% health regen on ASE

Legendary relics (preferably atom balm) with action skill cooldown, health regen and magazine size or some combo thereof.

I’ve got two Rowan’s Call. One is incendiary and the other is shock. Neither is anointed though. I’ve got tons of legendary weapons and etc, but not sure how many are anointed. I’ll be online late tonight and I’ll check. Thanks for the response!

I don’t have anything with Gamma Burst anointment, as I don’t play with that special so I sell them or leave them.

I do have a White Elephant artifact with +health, health regen and AS cooldown

I’ve got a bunch of other legendaries too

I have a Maggie with Bonus accuracy during Fade Away. Let me know if you are interested.

None with +100% dmg on Action Skill?

I don’t

I have a Rack Attack 25% Maggie

Hmmmm…not exactly what I’m looking for, but I may want to try that. What are you looking for?

Fl4k gamma anointed guns, a decent anointed Breath of the Dying. If you don’t have any of that it’s cool. Just leave you GT and I’ll send it when I get off work

GT is same as my name here.

I’ll see what I have tonight, that I can send back. Do you use any other characters? I just got a Flakker anointed for Zane, and some Amara stuff too I think

I got it in the mail. Thank you!!!

I don’t have anything anointed for Gamma Burst, but I will keep my eye out for you.

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