LF: lvl 50 Atlas damage/crit , assault rifle god roll stackbot and bounty hunter pics of trade below


Trade you that transformer for the Maggie psn same as here

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Ok buddy I’ve got you on my friends list anyway so ill send it in mail now for you

It’s in your mail

OK will send in a bit

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Thank you

Is there anything you need here?
i need maggie ase100

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Wow you’ve smashed it haven’t you lol well done mate some good things there I’ll take that new shock SMG with 125 to badass if that’s ok. What you after ?

i need maggie ase100

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Yea no problem my psn is MrMan4Twenty I’ll send it in mail for you

:ok_hand: i add you

mailed to you

Just loading up now mate and I’ll send it

It in your mail buddy

Are those purples good ?