LF Lvl 50 Blast Master, will trade other COMs

Need this COM for my Gunner. Version with +1 Redistribution strongly preferred.

Been farming Force troopers (and Katagawa last week) and this just won’t drop, so I have a bunch of other legendary COMs I don’t want including:

Breaker (Have a 50 and one that’s L27)
Rakk Commander
Bear Trooper

Depending which of these you want I might be willing to trade 2-for-1.

Oh and I also have an Anointed Hellwalker I’d be willing to part with, but it’s level 49.

Further details about any of these items available on request.

Thanks all!

Edit: Added Elementalist. Force Troopers will drop anything besides what I want, obviously.

Withdrawing my post got the exact mod I wanted while farming someone else could need what you have

What kind of breaker mod I’m looking for one with find your center and melee boost, I think I got like 2 blast masters gotta check when I get on if it has the perks you want

So I can’t find one of the breaker COMs I thought I had. But the L27 one is Flurrying Solitary. It has: +1 FYC, +2 each to Jab Cross and Personal Space. 18% Action Skill Cooldown, 17% SMG dmg, 17% AR dmg.

Update: A charitable soul gave me a Blast master Com.

I will keep this thread up in case anyone has one they want to trade, but at this point I would require one that is an upgrade. I would need one that has +1 redistribution and good Affixs (e.g. splash Dmg, Torgue weapon damage, shotgun Dmg, etc.)

At some point I will update OP with new list of gear I would trade.