Lf lvl 50 Bloodletter mod

Looking for a moze lvl 50 bloodletter mod have a siren and beast master not sure how good but may have other stuff, quite new to this series but been farming Gigamind past few days, thanks all

GT Lostmage

You have any elemental crossroads SMGs?

As a beastmaster what rakk attack annointed gear do you have, or a shield with 20% skill cooldown rate?

No smg’s :frowning:

For beast master I have collector cosmic stalker +32% accuracy and +31% action skill cooldown

I have a lvl 50 corrosive crossroad I have for trade for a level 50 bloodletter.

Sure. GT: Starfall Shadow

Cool. I added and sent my GT is Jesse Furygod. Thanks!

Hey sorry about ganking that bloodletter. When and if I roll across another one I’ll send it your way. I’ve been farming for this class mod forever.

Sent as well, thanks!

Still looking, got two mods drops tonight both for iron bear :frowning: