LF Lvl 50 Crossroad, Executor mod

I’d prefer an Auditing Crossroad (Anointed) and a Serendipitous Visceral Executor if anyone has those.

I have a variety of things to trade, mostly guns: several “vanilla” Lucian’s Call, Resolute Lyuda, a couple of Handsome Jackhammersh, a couple of Conference Calls, and an Itchy Flakker. I also have a Toxic Revenger Loaded Dice artifact and an Atom Balm Deathless artifact.

Not exact, but I do have this one if you’re intersted.

I am interested. Let me know what you’d like in trade. I should be on tonight and over the weekend. Thanks!

nvm - just sent mod, I need space more than anything. You can have it - May it help you kill many things