LF Lvl 50 leech preferably gunner annointed

I have kyb worths, Maggie’s, lump and many more just requests what you want for it and I’ll check for it.

Isnt the leech from a main story quest?

Yeah I just got one which I wanted to test anoints a blood letter build but doesnt seem to heal shields anyway w/ bloodletter

Gotcha that makes sense. I looked for ways to heal my 1hp/42k+ shield moze build and haven’t found anything worthwhile. Except the whole “aim at your feet with a shock splash” thing.

Yeah gets old after awhile continously stopping to shock feet. The best I found is a shock handsome Jack hammer you throw one at your feet and it basically heals continously for a few seconds for huge shield percents. Like a buffed kybs worth healing circle

What I’m thinking of now is a knife drain deathless with a face puncher for healing.

Thinking of a whole matched set build and to buff incendiary as much as possible use a shock redistrubtor with 125% incendiary annoint and maybe a tankmanssheild and corrosive conference call

+plus scrappy for super fast healing with facepuncher

I’ve tried a match set build with vladof and Dahl but healing is always too inefficient but this one might work

I tried the face puncher knife drain and it is almost as bad as moxxi weapons healing. Was pumped to try it but disappointed when it didn’t work out lol.

I didnt know jackhammer could come electric though, that’s badass. I’ll have to look for one and try it out cause right now I just use the kybs or a shock trevanator for healing