LF Lvl 50 Leg Anointed Phasecast items

I swear that all I get are Phaseslam anointeds, and I am running a Phasecast build. I would love some useful Anointed Phasecast gear. Have many legendaries to trade–mostly guns but some nades (Hex), artifacts and coms.

EpicID: TheBookNerd

I hear you on the Phaseslam anoints…
I have a Cryo Lucians with 250% after Phasecast. LF other anointed Lucians.

I’ve got Lucian’s. Will have to see if anointed. Will let you know later. But if be interested in that Phasecast Lucian’s.

LF an Incendiary one anointed with Cryo mags but I’ll help you out.

Hey I got this one:

Tell me if you want it. I’m pretty sure I have a few other phasecast weapons, but I will have to check tomorrow.

Here’s my trade thread and what I’m looking for:

Yes, please!

I have the following:

  • MOARR Linoge (corrosive, anointed, +250% damage after phasecast)
  • The Companion (anointed, +250% damage after using phasecast)
  • Gatlin Gun (anointed, +250% weapon damage after phasecast)
  • Hellwalker (fire, anointed, +250% damage after phasecast)
  • Superball (anointed, +250% weapon damage after phasecast)
  • Thunderball Fists (anointed, +250% weapon damage after phasecast)
  • The Bitch (anointed, +250% weapon damage after phasecast)
  • Roisen’s Thorns (corrosive, anointed, +250% weapon damage after phasecast)

Let me know if you are interested in any of those.

Do you got any cryo zane anointed gear to trade for the unforgiven?

I will look today and let you know.

I think I also found a phasecast butcher today, if you’re interested

Still got that Phasecast Cryo Lucians. Is there anything you want to trade for it?
LF anointed Lucians, Brainstormers, Packin’ Devs

Ok, so here are my phasecast items: