LF lvl 50 Moze class mod Bloodletter

Need the mod to heal shields. Tell me what you may need. Thank you!

msn: peaturtle

I’m pretty sure I have one. I’ll have to check in a bit to be certain. Do you have a Snowdrift Otto Idol, or any Otto Idol with the slide boost?

Sadly, I do not think so, but I will check.

Cool. I’m also on the hunt for a Rough Rider with movement speed if you come across one.

Tell me if you log on this afternoon. I could hop on and if you send me an invite, I can tell you what I have to trade.

Turns out I don’t have that bloodletter mod anymore. Sorry m8. Do you already have the Deathless relic for the build?

I do. It is killing me as the Bloodletter is all that is missing. I have the guns, the grenade mod, the artifact… just not the class mod. Sigh.

I know that feeling. If you want, we can team up to farm Penn & Teller for mods. Hopefully this patch fixed the drops. If we get a bloodletter, it’s yours. Sending friend request now.

Always good to have another person to farm. My friend and I have been farming bosses each night. Love to have you join us. PSN is peaturtle. Send a request and we’d love to have you join us.

Hey just got a bloodletter to drop. I’ll trade for a Nimbus mod with 0 or +1 to the blue skill

I am not sure if I have that, but I can check. Is there anything else you would want in trade if I don’t have Nimbus? I have tons of weapons I could part with.

Also looking for an incendiary Butcher, an Otto idol artifact with melee or gun damage or an anointed Shredifier with elemental bonus .

I know i have a shock butcher. I have a number of legendary shotguns… Boring, Lab, etc.Let me check…

Hey if you’re on right now we can do some party chat to make things easier. Psn is Vampra66it