LF Lvl 50 New Legendaries / Glitched

Guys, i have had TERRIBLE luck finding any of the new Legendary gear introduced in the Holodome / Clappy DLCs.

If anyone can hook me up with sime (or all!), i have TONS of legendary / unique gearvto trade at all levels up to 60.

Please add me on PSN:


Or reply / message me on here.

Thanks in advance!

Have a thunderfire, and the orange smg you get for beating the clappy dlc. You can have them. Have some other lvl 50 oranges you are welcome to (these are all factory gripped). Could use a lvl 60 prismatic shield, and a 90+ sham as well. In fact any lvl 60 orange grinder fodder.

PSN: oprichniki_74