LF lvl 50 phasezerker mod

I’m looking for siren’s phasezerker lvl 50 mod
Hopefully someone can grant me the wish

I have many moze and flak legendary class mod and also cryo Lucion call

Thx in advance

I have a Phasezerker mod. I’ll check the stats when I get home (I’m out late though so it may be awhile).

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Thanks so much!
Which character do you play or what type of item do you need?
I might be able to send you something :+1:t3:

The cryo Lucians is fine with me! What’s your PSN? I get back home in three-ish hours and I’ll mail you the mod, then you can send the Lucians. I dislike making people wait so if you find anyone else that can trade sooner, that’s fine with me.

I got one but all if you got anything off this list in normal or just anointed (not character specific) I can offer you phazezerker mod with gun damage perks!
fire shredifier
shock shredifier
corrosive shredifier
cyro cutsman
radaiton cutsman
cyro bone shredder
radiation bone shredder
any of those and I can offer one across :stuck_out_tongue: as guns are quite common as seen in few in past but never picked them up now I hardly see them :frowning:

I live in Thailand so it’s still working time here. I’ll get back and sought through my inventory in 10-12 hours.
I’ll see if I have any of those guns.
Also cryo lucian call is not annointed, if that’s ok with you.

By the way, my psn ID is nfeuang

send me request and I can help, my psn is silentrabbit003, but send you request but first doing new Halloween thing quest!

What’s your PSN ID?
I can send you a cryo lucian for the mod.


I added you! Sent the Phasezerker mod as well.