LF LVL 50 Roisen's Thorns

Been farming for this thing the last couple of days with no luck. Got a ton of other legendaries willing to trade for, some infinitys, splody lasers, ogres… mods and anointed doesn’t matter to me. Thanks!

i got a double penatrating one with a gunner annointment if your interested

That’ll work great for me! My epic name is Mast3rDuck.

sorry went to the store for a snack run and just got home

sending request now

It appears your offline now so heres my discord user too if youd like to get in touch that way I should be online pretty much all day tomorrow though: lammp6#6216

I got corrosive one. U got anoited brawl ward or breaker mod with melee dmg for Siren? If do add Cryzak