LF lvl 50 Shock Recurring Hex and more

Looking for a Bounty Hunter class mod w/ Action Skill Cooldown, Mag Size and either Weapon Crit, Weapon Damage, Jakob’s Crit or Jakob’s Damage.

Snowdrift Deathless Artifact w/ Action Skill Cooldown and Mag Size.

A Stop-Gap. Preferably w/ Turtle and Capacity (if that’s possible).

I’m also looking for a Double Penetrating Blister (purple Torgue AR w/ alien barrel) in cryo and fire.

I have a few anointed Lucians and Rowans Calls, Lyudas, Transformers and some others. As well as non anointed gear (All lvl 50).

However, I don’t have any extra class mods.

If there’s a gun or shield you’re looking for reply here or shoot me a message on PSN: PrismaticEffect