LF lvl 50 Siren PhaseZerker Class Mod (PC)

large number of Fl4K mods can exchange and also wide variety of legendary weapons -

reply and will drop details

Do you have a Cloning Ghast Call?

Sadly not - got a bunch of other stuff - some lyudas, rowans call in a few elements, quite a lot in fact - will drop a list in later when I get back from work

On offer in return:

Engulfing Faisor Corrosive - Annointed 50% additional radiation damage
Arctic Dauntless Night Hawkin anointed Melee adds terror 10% criticism 21% Fire Rate
Smart Gun XXL 99% WD Corrosive Annointed terror gain ammo
Queens Call corrosive anointed Auto bear active 20% incendiary bonus
Itchy Boring Gun radiation anointed on ASE ally terror every 5 secs for 18 secs
Binary Mocking Cutsman Shock
Smart Gunl XXL corrosive
Kings Call Shock
Epicenter anointed When terror ed health regeneration
Rough Rider anointed when terrified bullets reflect - more terror more reflect
Lucians Call cryo anointed on ASE next 2 mags additional shock
Molten Infinity fire
Negating infinity cryo
Hostile conference call 21% Crrit
Torturus Vestigal Dragon 31% AR damage 10% Jakobs
speed loading Hellwalker anointed on ASE damage chance and damage increased by 75%
Shady Shockwave infiltrator Mod 31% pistol damage 10% Vladof 10% COV
Rowans Call Shock
Another Queens Call Cryo

Got a bunch of Flak Mods on alt but hat should be enough for now! Let me know if you need more info. In game is @Janise666