Lf lvl 50 tediore homing mirv shotguns

Looking to get my hands on some mirv homing tediore shotguns

Cfgonyea90 is my gamertag

Same here, i haven’t seen a good one since i left level 30 behind.

Do you mean the purple ones?

yes, preferably anointed, but MUST have MIRV 3 and Homing when thrown

I have this one. I dont think its splits into 3 when thrown though.

Yea, that the issue, the one that splits into mirvs and has homing is the hard find, the one i think he wants, i search purples for it with every kill

I’ll keep my eye out. I farm alot. I may come across it.

Yea i mean it doesn’t need to be mirv but it’s way better if it is. But it absolutely needs to be homing to be relevant

It is a homing tediore, just not mirv unfortunately.

I have found 3 of them.

Moze loves them…

Wish they buffed up the ammo sdus

Chuck a few and you have no ammo left.

Very true, will run out of ammo real quick, but they do massive damage

just found one with 4 mirv and homing but its blue

Would you be able to mail to to me?


what ur GT, i will send it


too late, i closed down for the night, maybe tomorrow

Just found one that mirvs into 4 and homes

What do you want for it, trade?

Gt -xCaliburxxx

Do you have a protuberance?