LF lvl 53 anointed bekah’s

LF lvl 53 anointed bekah’s. slowly growing list of 53 gear for trade! Gt is Ye olde wolf

Bump. (Good luck)

Lol thanks bud, if I get anything I will let you know


I have a 53 bekah zane annoitment increased handling and accuracy while barrier is up,any good?

I’ll take it bud, it’s a start to my bekah collection(again). What are you looking for

Maybe a zane annoited resdistrbutor,Maggie one shotter shield or any decent 100% cyro sntl bits

Sounds good, I’ve got a few goodies. Gt is Ye olde wolf

Cool I’ll send over the bekah when I get online in the morning about 8ish hours from now,sorry for the wait. My gt ChilledFish88. :slight_smile:

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No prob, I’m in no rush

Sending over the bekah now dude

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Sent o couple things your way bud. Thanks again

Cheers buddy :slight_smile:

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