LF LVL 53 Artifacts , bounty hunters , stackbots . Trade list below

May just be me but imo, a God roll Deathless would include health regen … but yours is great.

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Fair enough buddy I’ll change it . Cheers

When used in conjunction with a Bloodletter class mod, your shields get constant regeneration and removes the recharge delay on your current shield. This only applies to Moze though.

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I main flak and never used moze before lol I was thinking why do you need health regen with a deathless but I’ve just got a Bloodletter now and I understand lol I’m sorry buddy and thank you so much for the info I didn’t have a clue

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Your Deathless is a God roll for the other characters except for Moze.

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Interested in your gamma burst maggie , SNTNL cryo infinity and SNTNL kyb’s worth. I got all SNTNL Redistributors, SNTNL cutsmans, a SNTNL shock rowan’s and a SNTNL cryo lucian’s call. PSN: TheNimbusKid

What you have to trade ?

I said what i had to trade in my last comment…

I need your x18 bangstick with ase 100% dmg and fire lucians call with ase 100% dmg. What do you need bud

Hi im after lvl 53 Artifacts or classmods mate

Sorry buddy I thought that’s what you wanted lol im just looking for class mods and artifacts tbh

Hey mate, I’m interested in your Bekah 100% ASE dmg

I’ve got some good rolls Class mods and Artifacts from my last runs, is there something special you’re looking for ?

Mainly last stand Otto idols with any weapon damage and mag size but I’m also looking for ice breaker , atom balm , flesh melter Otto idols with any weapon damage corrosion damage , radiation damage , cool down , shield / health . Class mods Stackbot and bounty hunters with weapon damage , weapon crit , weapon type damage , manufacturer weapon damage.

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Ok so…
I got an IceBreaker Safeguard +18% SMG dmg +31% Cryo Resist +193 Health Regen
and a Mind Melt Otto Idol +18% SMG dmg +193 Health Regen +31% Shock Resist

I’ll trade you for that Otto idol buddy

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Are u online right now ? Because if not, we’ll have to wait until sunday as I will be out for that long ^^’

I’m on now mate yes

I have a last stand otto idol restores 12% of you max health after killing an ememy
+9% sniper dmg
+16% shield recharge
+375 max health
Temporary invulnerability when health drops below 50%

Not sure if this is a good one or not

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Remember me your Psn :sweat_smile:

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