LF lvl 53 ASE 100, Gamma, Rakk Attack, 160 splash, 125 Splash Gear. I have

looking for stuff in title. cutsmans, redistrubotrs, kings, lucians, queens, redlines, pretty much anything i dont have so far. i have
gamma Burst corr cutsman, shock cutsman,fire kings call, dastardly maggie. rakk attack dueling Lucky 7, extra charge Lucky 7.
125 Bad Boomer
ASE 100 Lyuda, Fire Wedding Inv, Dastardly maggie, redundant x14 brainstormer, alchemist.
160 breath of dying. shock/corr kybs, flakker.
all 5 elements Transformers 50%
25% clone mad tracker
message me what u want and ur gamertag and what u wanna trade.

Is the cutsman lvl53

@kat11602 I’ve got wedding invitation’s with gamma and 100 dmg on ase if your interested. I’ve also got a breath of the dying with 160 splash