Lf lvl 53 fire hose moze gear

Looking to update gear would be open to trades of any good stuff here’s my list
Itchy Shredded Craps rad w/5% wd on kills
Melty Whizzy Pestilence rad w/125% wd to BA,Boss,Named
Packin Devastator w/ase 125% splash
Dastardly Maggie 6x681w/5% WD on kills
Dastardly Maggie w/250%WD after phasecast
Companion fire w/ase 125% WD to BA,Boss,Named
Burning Devil’s Foursom w/ase 100% WD
Gratifying Craps w/100% cryo sntnl

Searing Vanquisher fire w/ase125% WD to BA,Boss,Named & Gamma burst
Cash infused Redistributor shock w/consecutive increased by 1% 49 mag
Eviscerating mocking kybs worth shock/fire w/after exiting IB 160% splash Undermining hyperfocus rad w/ase 100% WD
Binary escalating cutsman corr w/15% life steal
Binary Mocking Cutsman corr w/Gamma burst
Superfluous westerngun sh/corr w/ase 125% WD to BA,Boss,Named
Firesale longmusket w/300% phaseslam
Terminal Polaimourous w/Gamma burst

Lucians call cryo w/2 mags incendiary
Burning nasty alchemist fire w/ase 100% WD
Burning promiscuous alchemist fire w/ase 125% splash
QuickDraw bekah w/ase 25 crit increase
Quickdraw Bekah w/ase 125% WD to BA,Boss,Named
Engulfing Vicious ogre w/2 mags incendiary
Rowans call Shock w/ase 25%increased crit damage
Rowans call rad w/Gamma burst
Shrinking lasersploders w/ase 25% crit
Costeffect optimized Q system w/Gamma

Abundant compressing trevanator corr/fire w/ 2 mags cryo
Deep dive face puncher w/ sntnl 100% cryo
Redundant face puncher w/IB cooldown
Conference call w/ase 100% wd & Gamma burst
Speedloadn’ Hellwalker fire w/ase 100%WD
Flakker With sntnl 100% cryo
Casual flakker w/ase life steal
Redundant brainstormer w/ase 100% WD
D.p. bangstick fire 307x18

oozing scourge corr w/sntnl 100% cryo
Hive corrosive w/125% WD to BA,Boss,Named

Wedding invitation fire w/2 mags incendiary
Dastardly headsplosion w/ase 25% crit damage
Vicious lyuda w/100% Rakk Attack

Transformers with ase fire,shock,corrosive,cryo
Transformer with sntnl speed
Transformer with movement speed after attack command
Transformer with ase reduced damage 13%
Big boom blaster with ase health regen
Razor wire red suit w/ase action skill cooldown
Recurring Hex shock w/ase incendiary
Moxy’s bouncing pair fire w/ase 25% damage inc.
Epicenter fire w/ase 25%damage inc.
Force cluster-f*ck exploder shock w/ase corrosive
It’s piss ase radiation
It’s piss weapon damage
Cloning maddening tracker w/weapon damage after thrown

Bounty Hunter 48 dahl crit/11%Dahl weapon/33% SMG
Bloodletter 19% weapon crit/26%WD/33%shotgun damage
Bloodletter 20%SRD/38%SRR/33%Heavy WD
St4ckbot 48%Jacob’s weapon crit/33%AR damage/11%Jacob’s damage
Infiltrator 33%sniper damage/48% Jacob’s weapon crit/53% Jacob’s accuracy
Golden rule 33%shotgun dam/32%ASC/11% Jacob’s WD
Techspert 19%crit dam/33%snpr/33%smg

Icebreaker Otto Idol 18%AR/33%shield recharge/44% mag
Rear Ender Victory Rush 18%AR/44% mag/18%radiation
Snowdrift Otto Idol 44% mag/31% cryo resistance/23%AS cool down.
Last stand loaded dice 18%SMG/23%ASC/15% weapon reload speed.
Electric banjo 18% shock damage 29% chance
Atom balm safeguard 44%mag/23%asc/18%radiation
Atom balm Otto Idol 24% element rest/29%irrad chance/18% rad damage

Reply here or PM me thanks.

Would you take a kyb’s worth 160 cryo,fire or shock/corr or fire/shock for your casual flakker?

Yea sounds good I’ll mail over to you looks like you just sent Fr.

You want cryo,fire or shock/corrosive as seems you already have shock/fire?

Shock corrosive if it has splash damage anointment otherwise the first one or both if there’s something else you would like.

I’ll send both and pick out something else:)

Awsome thanks and let me know the other item.

Atom Bomb Otto Idol please

Cool I will send over in a minute thanks.

Stop! Just send the flakker. The kybs corr/fireis next two mags. Can I replace the kyb’s with a recursion or boring gun or something else?

Not a fan of boring gun, what’s the Recursion have on it?

shock/corrosive exit iron bear increase splash for 18 seconds

Sure sounds good sending atom now.

Thanks again.

Sent and thank you!