LF lvl 53 gamma burst gear

My psn is Gerbasauruz, I don’t have a crazy amount of 53 stuff yet but have some potential trades. Thank you!

I think i have gamma corro cutsman.

that would be perfect, is there something specific you are looking for?

125 fire moze redistributors

Dont have those sorry, thanks though

Ill send cutsman anyway. Tomorrow tho

Ok thank you I appreciate that I think were already friends on there, ill keep a lookout if i can run the takedown

picked up a anointed beastmaster resolute lyuda sniper rifle with gamma burst because i saw a lot of posts asking for gamma burst stuff.
lmk if you can use it.

I’ve actually been using the new sniper so I don’t think I would need it but thank you!

I have a fire gamma cutsman I’ll trade for the corrosive one. Add me same name, I’ll send you all my lvl 53 gamma gear not much but some good things like hell walker and lucians call and fire cutsman ofc.

I would take that.

grabbed a few more infinity pistols and shotguns with the gamma burst,lmk

Which ones? And do you still have that gamma burst lyuda?

yes i do and im not sure what the others are im not on and ingame yet
hmu at EvilAg3nttttman
im looking for Zane seeing dead mods that have smg damage,maliwan crit damage and weapon damage.