LF lvl 53 Kybs Worths

ISO lvl 53 Kybs, 100% damage ASE, 160% splash ASE, 125% incendiary next 2 mags, 50% incendiary next 2 mags, 1% dmg consecutive hits

Prefer decent mag size, any and all elements

I have some great lvl 53 items to trade including lvl 53 CMT with 25% dmg on throw, 125% incendiary Trevonator, 125% incendiary Wedding Invitation, 20k stop gap shield, gunner Transformer, 18K front loader shield, lots more…

My PSN is N8d0ggz

I can hook you up with a cryo/fire mid mag and damage and a shock/fire high damage low mag Kyb’s.
I’m interested in any dtopgap with elemental damage on ase, preferably rad or cryo but I’ll take what I can get. Do you happen to have any Scourges for Moze or a 5% damage per kill scourge?