LF lvl 53 Ogre (x2 Multiplier, 125% Fire for Moze)

Help a brother out :broken_heart:…gotten more since this list, but I don’t feel like listing every item

My Moze/Zane Stuff:

Maggie (STNL & Barrier)
-Craps (Normal - 160% Splash, Fire - Barrier Anoint, Corrosive - STNL)
-Scoville (Fire - 125% Fire ASE)
-Queen’s Call (Cryo - Barrier, Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Radiation - STNL)
-Bekah (STNL)
-Redistributor (Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Rad - STNL, Cryo - Barrier)
-Crader (EM-P5 - STNL)
-Kyb’s Worth (Cryo/Radiation - STNL, 160% Splash ASE)
-Crossroads (Shock/Corrosive/Cryo - STNL)
-Cutsman (Fire/Shock/Corrosive - STNL)
-Lucian’s Call (Fire/Cryo - STNL)
-Rowan’s Call (Fire/Shock/Radiation - STNL)
-Zheitsev’s Eruption (Fire - 130 Clone Swap)
-Redundant Brainstormer (STNL)
-Butcher (Shock/Corrosive - STNL, Cryo - Barrier)
-Conference Call (Corrosive - STNL)
-Lob (All Elements - STNL, 125% Fire Next 2 Mags)
-Protuberence (Fire - STNL)
-Triple-Penetrating Bangstick (Normal - STNL)
-Dictator(Fire/Shock/Corrosive/Rad - STNL)
-One Pump Chump (STNL)
-Flakker (Normal/Fire/Radiation - STNL) (160% Splash All Elements)
-Good Juju (STNL)
-Breath of the Dying (STNL and 125% Fire for Moze)
-Barrage (Radiated - STNL, Corrosive - 125% Fire for Moze)
-Nukem (STNL and 160% Splash for Moze)
-Lump (Corrosive - ASE Splash)
-Ruby’s Wrath (STNL/160% Splash ASE for Moze)
-Scourge (Shock/Corrosive - STNL, Corrosive/Radiation - 160% Splash AND 125% Fire Next Two Mags for Moze)
-Krakatoa (100% Weapon DMG, 125 Fire Next Two Mags, STNL Cryo, 160% Splash)
-Storm (100% Weapon DMG)
-Wedding Invitation (STNL, 125% Fire ASE)
-Headsplosion (STNL)
-It’s Piss (Grenade Throw 25%)
-Storm Front (Grenade Throw 25%)
-Sticky Quasar (Grenade Throw 25%) (
-Recurring Hex (Cryo, Radiation - 25% Grenade Throw) (Various Element ASE)
-MIRV Cluster F*** Exploder (Radiation - 25% Grenade Throw)
-Transformer (STNL Speed, 30% Cooldown, ASE Corrosive/Radiation, 75% Sheilds/Health ASE)
-Sprint Rough Rider (STNL Speed)
-BBB (STNL Speed)
-Rerouter (STNL Speed)
-Back Ham (STNL Speed)
-Recharger (STNL Speed)
-Front Loader (75% Shields/Health ASE)
-Rico (STNL Speed)
-Stop Gap (STNL Speed)
-One-Shotter (STNL Speed)
-Killswitch (Shock ASE)


These items interested me:

Kyb’s Worth 160 splash
it’s piss 25%

Unfortunately I haven’t that you need. Are you looking for something else?


-Ogre with 125% fire next two mags
-Hive with 160% SPlash
-Spring Epicenter with 25% Grenade Throw
-Conference Calls, STNL Cryo or 100 ASE, any element

Thats all I can think of at the moment. I’ll add to the list later

Conf call neutral ASE 100 need?

Not a neutral one tho, and element for Siren or Zane

So, I haven’t nothing you need :sleepy:

Add me on SHIFT and I’ll hook you up:


(If that doesnt work try WxnderBread)

Closed at OP’s request - deals done.