LF Lvl 53 Radiation Redistributor w/ Cryo anoint for trade

As stated looking for a lvl 53 Radiation Redistributer w/ Cryo anoint for Zane. I have some decent weapons for trade but just transferring from PC/ updating gear to 53, so i am still lacking a bit. Hit me up on PS4 (PSN: x508_Sleezy) for fastest response but will try to keep up with the thread. I will be on tonight from 5pm EST onward.

Currently have these items to trade for anyone that can help and needs any of them:

Lvl 53 Corrosive Cutsman W/ Cryo Anoint
Lvl 53 Tranformer w/ ASE 50% Corrosive Anoint
Lvl 53 Scourge (No element) W/ Cryo Anoint
Lvl 53 Brainstormer w/ ASE 100% Anoint

On top of the Redistributer I am also will to trade any above items for any of the items below:
Cryo/ASE 100% Anoint Maggie
Cryo Anoint Brainstormer
Cryo Corrosive Hedgehog

Thanks to anyone that is able to help out!

Add me syn_theeo. Ill have redistributor and maggie 4 u

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Hey adka do you have a rad redistributor with ase 100% dmg

Awesome! I sent you a request from the app, let me know if you were looking for anything.

Nah srry

I’m a zane main farming like crazy for a 53 radiation redistributor with cryo dmg. Would you mind sending it to me as well? I have a corrosive one with cryo as well if youre interested. PSN Kamaru3064

If you’re looking for anything in particular let know and I’ll keep an eye out for it. Thanks

Do you have an Otto idol with assault rifle dmg

I do have it now