LF:lvl 53 redistributor(sntnl)

LF:lvl53 weapon
zanen (sntnl):redistributor
fl4k (gamma):maggie

i have

Have all the custman as well I’ll trade ya one for that lucian call

I don’t have a Redistributor yet. But would love that masher…

Are they in level 53?

I can give you the masher first. Send to me when you have redistribution

No worries will do.

Yes I can send ya the cutsman for that lucian and yes there all lv53

i add you

Alright I wont be on for a couple hours

Ok cool I’ll be on in couple hours I’m at work at the moment

I got sntnl Maggie

     What are you looking for?

That’s lucIan call and damn man give a sec to respond

What is your PSN? i add you

Same as here

Sent to you

I sent the Maggie