LF lvl 53 Seein' Dead Class Mod with Weapon and SMG Damage

As the title says I’m looking for this mod. I have a lot of lvl 53 gear to trade. Just let me know what you’re looking for.

Do you have any moze anointed kyb’s worth (lvl 53) or artifacts such as Otto idols or victory rush?
I have a seein dead with 2 in donnybrook with smg, weapon damage and magazine size increase

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It’s a level 53? I have a few VR artifacts at 53. Which ones are you looking for?

Yes it’s level 53
As far as victory rush goes preferably ice breaker with cryo damage and efficiency

I have one icebreaker. I have a large list here (LF lvl 53 Rad Roan's Call & More! Large List of Items to Trade! Updated) of the 53 items I have so far. I haven’t updated it in a bit though. Best things that come to mind I haven’t added are Wedding Invitations and a “large Firestorm” with 50% ASE.

Can you show me a photo of the shock cutsman with SNTL cryo?

I have a level 53 seein dead with weapons and smg damage. With magazine size

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