LF LVL 53 SNTNL anointed craps pistols, any element. I have plenty of lvl 53 SNTNL gear to trade

Let me know what you’re looking for and i’ll see if I have it, really looking for these SNTNL Craps pistols

I got a Kinetic Craps with SNTNL cryo in my inventory, What Vladof, Torgue, or Jakobs gear do you have?

x2 sntnl ion cannon, cryo and rowan’s call, both sntnl, a rad faisor, rad x18 bangstick, and a rad dp lasersploder, all sntnl

And a sntnl maggie

And a x6 sntnl kinetic dictator

LF Redistributor (corr shock)ase100

do you have any x6 sntnl dictators?