LF lvl 57 cryo Old God Shield

Hey guys I’m looking for a(n) old god shield with cryo damage up hmu if you have one I’m willing to farm anything to trade for it I just haven’t even gotten 1 old god to drop for me

I have one with cryo and 50% cryo ASE. I’m looking for gear for Zane, sntnl cryo anointed. Lobs of all elements except cryo, clairvoyance, shock redistributor, cutsman of all elements.

I have some zane things a couple class mods and a couple weapons with SNTL 100% I’ll inform you on the exact when I can get on Borderlands 3

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Hey @fabroalv any chance I could get a copy of that shield? I’ve been looking forever for it, best I could find is the escapist shield. I have some SNTNL gear I could send you, I don’t have much though. I do have a seein dead mod with +5 in donny brook level 57 and I have a recursion with SNTNL 100% and a few other things. Let me know, my psn is khaos_elite1

@Legacy231 Will this do? :herb: