LF lvl 57 fire cutsman w/bonus SNTNL cryo DMG

Hello, gamers!
I’m looking to trade for this weapon , which is needed for my build. If you got this weapon, add me, or write down in this post!
My PSN is AuZK33
Stay home - stay safe, fellas! <3

Got one over here, do you need the other elements as well?

Only fire and corrosion are the ones i’m searching for. What do you want for it/them?

Any sntnl/barrier crit anointed weapons in your bank?

Yeah, i’ve got plenty of them!

By chance you have any listed here?

Unfrotunately - none of those :frowning:

Thats alright i can take offers as well, im in an online class session rn, so add me and i can can check it later