LF lvl 57 maggie and radiation redistributor w/ SNTNL bonys cryo dmg

Hello, gamers!
I’m looking to trade for those two weapons, which are crucial for my build. If you got those weapons, add me, or write down in this post!
My PSN is AuZK33
Stay home - stay safe, fellas! <3


Do you have any redistributors with consecutive hits? Or shreddifiers with consecutive hits? Or a fire old god shield?

I have the maggie sntl looking for new Moze com with weapon dmg or rifle dmg

none of that, unfortunately :frowning:

Haven’t got even 1 new moze comp. I will look for it from now on!


Sorry forgot to reply! Add kirkvisa. I’ll send them to you anyways, just make sure you say what you want in the friend request. You wouldn’t happen to have a good lvl 57 blast master com tho? Or any lobs with moze’s 160 splash damage anoint

I have a rad Redistributor with Sntnl cyro