LF lvl 57 weapons and items

Some things I’m currently looking for are moze sapper class mods, Bekah’s, x16 Garcia’s, stagecoaches x21-25 pellet, double downer shields, Rico shields, cloning maddening trackers, consecutive hits kybs, redistributers, hyper focus, gatlin lead sprinkler and faisors. On IB exit 2 mags 125 fire kybs, redistributers, Maggie, gatlin lead sprinkler, hyper focus and faisors. I’ve got some good stuff to offer on trade.

I’ve got a non annoited rico shield and a raided maddening tracker with cyro on ase both 57,any good?

I will pass on those but thank you for the offer. Any chance you have anointed mitosis hunter seeker or spring epicentre grenades. Lvl 57 cutsmans with 100 ase, fire and shock cutsmans with consecutive hits or corrosive and fire cutsmans with IB exit 2 mag fire. Or any decent guns from the new dlc

I have a Express firewall flame diddle 100 ase,coolheaded clairvoyance no annoitment, corrosive cutsman 125 splash ase,love drill 100ase, iron willed cuttin little yeti 300 after phaseslam,binary insider 300 after phaseslam,unlimited rad anarchy next two extra radiation.

I’m interested in the love drill and the little yeeti. What are you looking for at the moment? Also do you have any old god shields?

Any decent flak 57 bits maybe a stakbot with decent perks, boom sickle 100ase or any 57 zane cryo sntl bits

I’ve not found any of the new shields sorry dude

No prob. I’ve got cryo and fire (or maybe rad I can’t remember) boom sickles with sntl as well as a old god shield with sntl move speed. If your interested in these let me know

I’ll just grab the couple boom sickles if that’s cool with u dude. Never found one at all so that would be great lol :slight_smile:

Sounds good I will try to get those to you tonight. I’m pretty sure I’ve already got you added

No rush buddy. I’ll send over your bits when im on in the morning. Thanks again :slight_smile:

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Sent buddy :blush::+1:

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