LF: Lvl 60 Maggie

LF: lvl 60 Maggie with 150 rad dmg under 50% health.

I have a 60 Maggie with ASE elemental damage.

Sry just got an ASE 130 rad so that has no value 2 me. Ty 4 the offer tho.

I could help you out if you were on pc … I have been getting a lot of Maggies lately but still havent gotten a SNTNL Cryo version.

I have 3 MAYHEM 10 lvl 60 Maggies with ASA 200٪.

I got a Maggie with con hit you still looking for one ?

Nope I edited it now I want a 150 rad Maggie. Thanks for the offer though.

I got one, LF 50/100 Relux or SNTNL 100 Reflux