LF lvl 60 prismatic shield

Sentinal does not want to drop. Have various oranges from 50 to 57 to trade. Plus a lvl 60 black hole to trade as well.

What platform do you use?

I am on PS3.

Then that would be the correct location to make such a request, this area (loot and weapons in case a mod phase shifts this topic) is more for talking about or comparing loot and or loot drops but not loot requests from other players. It isn’t a huge offense here, unless you’re a habitual repeat offender, but if we/the mods don’t keep stuff in their correct location it can get flooded with item requests which distracts from the real purpose of this particular section.
This would be the correct section to make a request thread btw for future reference.

Edity: @Kitty_Jo Ninja Kitty

Ok coolbeans. Got you moved to the PS3 section. Hopefully you’ll find more help here.

Thank you.