LF lvl 60 sntnl cryo gear have lots to trade(Updated with available gear list)

Like the post says looking for cryo sntnl lvl 60 weapons. I have a bunch of lvl 60 gear to trade with all kinds of anoints ASE’s, ASA’s, 50/150, some iron bear. Let me know what you’re after. And of course everything is mayhem 10.

do you have (Light corr rad shock 50/150)?

Have lots of L60 M10 sntl 100, can you narrow down what you are looking for.

I’m looking for a beacon, lightshow, and flipper primarily from the new DLC. I think I’ve seen just about every other anointment except for cryo sntnl.

Oh and a license would be great too

Do you have a list we can see?

Here is my list for trade (all mayhem 10, lvl 60), I have:

Light Show- Fire 130 clone, corr 130 rad, fire rakk crit, fire/shock phaseslam 300, fire 50/150, kinetic lifesteal, corro ASE shock, cryo ASA 200, kinetic ASE shock/fire/rad

Bloom- ASA 200, consec hits, phase 300, ASE rad/cryo, barrier crit, 300/90, ASE 100, rakk 100

License- Cryo ASE fire, rad consec hits

Root- cryo/corro ASE cryo, cryo/rad phase 250, cryo/fire barrier crit, corro/shock consec hits, rad/fire ASE corro

Beacon- cryo/corro ASE splash, shock/cryo ASE shock, fire/corro ASE corro

Moonfire- ASE Splash

Harold- 50/150, ASE Cryo/shock, IB 160 splah

Flipper- shock/fire ASE splash, fire/corr ASE shock, cryo/rad 50/150, shock/cryo ASE corro

Dowsing rod- shock ASE cryo, rad ASE fire, kinetic ASE 100

Robin’s call- Phase 300, phase 250

Gargoyle- phase 250, corro auto bear 130 fire

Blanc- Kinetic ASE shock,

Blast- fire ASE corro, kinetic phase 250,

Spade- kinetic ASE 100, cryo ASE rad, Kinetic consec hits

Stop gap- action skill start, ASE’s


What other 50/150 gear do you have?

I’ve got a fire harold with sntl cryo and a Beacon Fire/rad w/sntl cryo.
I’d take 50/150 Harold and fire lightshow 50/150.

PSN: Bigrfish25

Do you have any Frozen Snowshoe with ASE shields special occurs or whatever?