LF lvl 60 Transformer plox

Hey guys,

need a level 60 transformer with any 50% ase annoint except rad. not sure if shields are mayhem specific (no tooltip?) but if yes, lvl 6 would be great :slight_smile:

What platform? (And no, shields do not currently have a mayhem level.)

Thanks :smiley: sorry, should have specified - PC

OK, hold on to your avatar… Phase shift complete.

Apologies, thanks for moving - If anyone can help me out, would be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: I have a couple m10 things to trade as well.

I just found one… movement speed on ASE anoint, but it’s level 60. I’m Adabiviak on Steam/Epic/SHiFT. I’ll take any of these in any condition, but if you have none of those (or one and it’s your true blue), don’t sweat it:

Web Slinger