LF Lvl 65 M10 50/150 Reflux

Have some good gear trade, let me know if you have it.

I have a redundant reflux with urad on it, do you have a list of sntnl or consecutive hits items in your inventory?

Oh man, just gone my reflux from that dude who posted all his gear on a spreadsheet

I still need it. I got a ch1 lightshow and a ch1 x8 convergence among others. You need anything specific?

Do you happen to have a tiggs boom with CH or a x2 miscreant?

You got any sntl ansrchys? Or monarchs urad

yes on tiggs ill double check. not sure on miscreant

i got a couple sntl100 anarchys. not lucky enough for a urad monarch tho

Is the sntl anarchy’s x20?

dont know actually

Hmmmm if you find out let me know

X13. I have an ase 100 that’s x20

@MLFGC If you’re still intrested in the urad reflux i sent a psn friend request.

Yes. I’ll add you as soon as I get on

Sry this is taking a while. Just added you. Lemme know about the reflux. I don’t have the x2 miscreant btw