LF lvl 65 Mayhem 10 Items (Updated 09/27)

I am looking for the following items listed below.

Next 2 mags any element
*Blood Starved Beast (any element)
*Light Show (any element except cryo)
*Convergence x8 (any element execpt shock)
*Monarch x8 (any element)

50/150 Radiation (Urad) Anointment
*Blood Starved Beast (all elements)
*Miscreant x2 (all elements)
*Kaoson x2 (all elements)
*Light Show (all elements except cryo and kinetic)
*Flipper (shock must be in the combination)

*Big Boom Blaster - capacity perks, After exit IB 75% shields/health
*Old God - Cryo dmg, SNTL Move speed
*Old God - Rad dmg, ASE Rad 50

*Mitosis Hunter-Seeker (any element) ASE 50 any element

Class Mods - will offer 3 for 1 items for these - a combination of weapon dmg/crit dmg/splash perks/reload/etc.
*Seein Dead - 0 Violent Violence
*Red Fang

Artifacts - will offer 3 for 1 items in any combination of damage perks, mag size, move speed or reload
*Atom Balm Victory Rush
*Ice Breaker Victory Rush
*Cutpurse Launch Pad
*Snowdrift Victory Rush
*Atom Balm Deathless
*Elemental Projector Victory Rush

Below are the items I have for trade.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Pistol Element Anointment
Gargoyle x2 50/150
Gargoyle x3 50/150
Light Show Cryo 50/150
Light Show 50/150
Prompt Critical x3 Rad 50/150
Linoge (non-melee) x4 Fire 50/150
Prompt Critical Fire ASE 100 Corr
Prompt Critical ASE 100 Corr
Light Show Cryo ASE 100 Cryo
Gargoyle x2 ASE 100 Shock
Prompt Critical Corr ASE 100 Shock
Light Show Rad SNTL 100
Light Show Corr SNTL 100
Light Show Fire SNTL 100
Light Show Cryo SNTL 100
Lucky 7 SNTL 100
Maggie SNTL 100
Prompt Critical Cryo SNTL 100
Prompt Critical Rad SNTL 100
Prompt Critical Fire SNTL 100
Prompt Critical Shock SNTL 100
Prompt Critical Corr SNTL 100
Prompt Critical SNTL 100
Linoage (non-melee) x5 Fire SNTL 100
Queen’s Call Rad SNTL 100
SMG Element Anointment
Flipper Fire/Corr 50/150
Flipper Rad/Corr 50/150
Olridian 50/150
Blood Starved Beast x2 Cryo ASE 100
Flipper Rad/Fire ASE 100
Flipper Shock/Cryo ASE 100 Corr
Flipper Shock/Rad ASE 100 Cryo
P.A.T. Mk.III ASE 100 Cryo
Kaoson x1 Kinetic Consecutive Hits
Flipper Shock/Corr Consecutive Hits
Flipper Rad/Cryo SNTL 100
Flipper Fire/Corr SNTL 100
Flipper Shock/Corr SNTL 100
P.A.T. Mk.III SNTL 100
Redistributor Shock SNTL 100
Redistributor Corr SNTL 100
Redistributor Fire SNTL 100
Redistributor Rad SNTL 100
Redistributor Cryo SNTL 100
Blood Starved Beast x3 Corr SNTL 100
Auto Rifle Element Anointment
Boom Sickle 300/90
Breath of the Dying 50/150
Lovable Rogue x2 50/150
Seeryul Killur 50/150
Star Helix 50/150
Soulrender 50/150
Rebound ASA 200
Lucian’s Call Corr ASE 100
Rebound Corr ASE 100 Corr
Blast ASE 100 Cryo
Lovable Rogue x2 ASE 100 Cryo
Blast Rad ASE 100 Fire
Lucian’s Call Fire ASE 100 Fire
Kaos Corr ASE 100 Fire
Kaos Fire ASE 100 Rad
Seeryul Killur ASE 100 Rad
Seeryul Killur ASE 100 Rad
Rebound Shock Auto Bear 130 Fire
Breath of the Dying Consecutive Hits
Soulrender Corr Consecutive Hits
Soulrender Consecutive Hits
Monarch x8 Cryo Consecutive Hits
Monarch x8 Shock Consecutive Hits
Monarch x8 Corr Consecutive Hits
Monarch x8 Rad Consecutive Hits
Monarch x8 Fire Consecutive Hits
Rebound Rad Phasecast 250
Soulrender Shock Rakk Attack
Carrier SNTL 100
Laser Sploder Fire SNTL 100
Lovable Rogue x2 SNTL 100
Monarch x8 Cryo SNTL 100
Monarch x8 Shock SNTL 100
Monarch x8 Corr SNTL 100
Monarch x8 Rad SNTL 100
Monarch x8 SNTL 100
Monarch x8 Fire SNTL 100
Pain is Power x2 SNTL 100
Star Helix Cryo SNTL 100
Shotgun Element Anointment
Convergence x8 Shock 100 ASE Corr
Blind Sage Cryo/Rad 50/150
Brainstormer x14 50/150
Convergence x4 Fire 50/150
Convergence x4 50/150
Hellwalker 50/150
Reflux x14 50/150
Blind Sage Rad/Cryo 50/150
Brainstormer x7 ASE 100
Facepuncher x7 ASE 100 Corr
Recursion x2 Cryo/Rad ASE 100 Cryo
Facepuncher x7 ASE 100 Fire
Heart Breaker Fire ASE 100 Rad
Brainstormer x7 ASE 100 Shock
Recursion Cryo/Fire ASE 100 Shock
Facepuncher x7 ASE 100 Shock
Convergence x4 Consecutive Hits
Brainstormer x14 Exit IB 125
Hellwalker Phaseslam 300
The Lob Corr SNTL 100
Convergence x4 Corr SNTL 100
Convergence x8 Fire SNTL 100
Convergence x8 Rad SNTL 100
Convergence x8 Shock SNTL 100
Convergence x8 Cryo SNTL 100
Convergence x8 Kinetic SNTL 100
Kill-o-the-Wisp x2 SNTL 100
Trevonator x6 Fire/Cryo SNTL 100
Rocket Launcher Element Anointment
Plgauebearer Cryo 50/150
Plgauebearer Corr 50/150
Backburner Shock 50/150
Jherico 50/150
Plaguebearer Shock ASE 100
Plaguebearer Corr ASE 100 Corr
Plaguebearer Rad ASE 100 Fire
Major Kong Corr ASE 100 Fire
Backburner Shock ASE 200 Splash
Backburner Shock Consecutive Hits
Backburner Corr Consecutive Hits
Major Kong Corr SNTL 100
Major Kong Cryo SNTL 100
Major Kong Kinetic SNTL 100
Major Kong Fire SNTL 100
Major Kong Shock SNTL 100
Major Kong Rad SNTL 100
Plaguebearer Fire SNTL 100
Plaguebearer Shock SNTL 100
Plaguebearer Cryo SNTL 100
Plaguebearer Corr SNTL 100
Plaguebearer Rad SNTL 100
Sniper Element Anointment
Sandhawk Shock 50/150
Lyuda Shock 50/150
Complex Root Shock/Fire 50/150
Complex Root Shock/Cryo 50/150
Complex Root Shock/Corr ASE 100 Corr
Septimator Prime Fire ASE 100 Fire
Unseen Threat ASE 100 Fire
Complex Root Rad/Cryo ASE 100 Rad
Complex Root Corr/Fire SNTL 100
Complex Root Shock/Corr SNTL 100
Septimator Prime SNTL 100
Complex Root Rad/Cryo SNTL 100
Grenade Element Anointment
It’s Piss OGT25
Fish Slap LVL 57 Rad OGT25
Cloning Maddening Tracker OGT25
Recurring Hex Shock ASE 50 Rad
Shield Perks
Torch ASS Break/Fill
Ultra Nova
ASE 50 Fire
Ultra Recharge
ASE 100 Melee
Ultra Delay
ASE 100 Cryo
Ultra Nova
ASS Break/Fill
Old God Cryo ASE 50 Shock
Old God Shock ASE 50 Cryo
Old God Corr ASE 50 Rad
Health Charge
Old God Rad ASE 50 Cryo
Old God Cryo ASE 50 Shock
Transformer SNTL Move Speed
Zane COMS Lvl 65
Seein Dead
1 Playing Dirty 32 Weapon Dmg
3 Donnybrook 20 Hyperion Fire Rate
1 Violent Violence 63 Vladof Accuracy
2 Playing Drity 32 Weapon Dmg
2 Violent Violence 38 Grenade Dmg
1 Donnybrook 33 Torgue Reload
2 Donnybrook 34 Weapon Crit
2 Playing Dirty 39 Action Skill Dmg
1 Violent Violence 63 Melee Dmg
**Moze COMS Lvl 65
*Blood Letter
2 Phalanx Doctrine 36 Splash
3 Desparate Measures 29 Mag Size
69 Charge Speed
1 Thin Red Line 34 Splash Radius
2 Phalanx Doctrine 39 ASCR
2 Desparate Measures 63 Maliwan Acc
1 Thin Red Line 39 ASCR
1 Desparate Measures 40 Pistol Dmg
3 Phalanx Doctrine 40 Heavy Dmg
1 Phalanx Doctrine 39 Handling
2 Desparate Measures 13 Hyperion Dmg
2 Thin Red Line 38 Grenade Dmg
*Mind Sweeper
1 Redistribution 36 Splash Dmg
4 Torgue Cross Promotion 40 Heavy Wpn Dmg
40 Pistol Dmg
2 Fire in the Skag Den 32 Grenade Radius
3 Means of Destruction 33 Dahl Reload
39 Action Skill Dmg
2 Fire in the Skag Den 40 Shotgun Dmg
1 Stainless Steel Bear 40 Heavy Dmg
2 Means of Destruction 63 Torgue Acc
1 Means of Destruction 32 Weapon Dmg
1 Iron Bank 40 Pistol Dmg
3 Matched Set 69 Charge Speed
3 Matched Set 36 Splash Dmg
2 Iron Bank 32 Weapon Dmg
69 Charge Speed
*Raging Bear
2 Stainless Steel Bear 32 Weapon Dmg
1 Stoke the Embers 40 smg Dmg
2 Deadlines 40 Pistol Dmg
Level Prefix Artifact Perk 1 Perk 2 Perk 3
57 Atom Balm Deathless Rad Dmg 20 AoE Dmg 40 Mag Size 50
57 Atom Balm Deathless Sniper Dmg 20 Mag Size 50 Corrosive Dmg 20
57 Atom Balm Victory Rush Rad Dmg 20 AoE Dmg 40 Mag Size 50
57 Cutpurse Deathless Mag Size 50 Health Regen 272 AoE Dmg 40
57 Cutpurse Deathless Heavy Dmg 20 Cryo Dmg 20 Shield 3045
57 Cutpurse Launch Pad AR 20 Mag Size 50 ASCR 25
57 Elemental Projector Victory Rush Rad Dmg 20 Reload 17 Mag Size 50
57 Elemental Projector Victory Rush Sniper Dmg 20 Rad Dmg 20 Exp 8
57 Flesh Melter Deathless AR 20 AoE Dmg 40 Recharge Rate 36
57 Flesh Melter Deathless Cryo Resist 34 Cryo Dmg 20 Reload 17
57 Flesh Melter Victory Rush ASCR 25 Corrosive Dmg 20 Rad Dmg 20
57 Ice Breaker Victory Rush SMG Dmg 20 Move Speed 10 Mag Size 50
57 Last Stand Deathless Rad Dmg 20 Cryo Dmg 20 Exp 8
57 Last Stand Victory Rush Rad Dmg 40 Health Regen 272
57 Snowdrift Deathless Corrosive Dmg 20 Mag Size 50 Cryo dmg 20
57 Snowdrift Deathless Heavy Dmg 20 Health 2719 Mag Size 50
57 Snowdrift Victory Rush Mag Size 50 Reload 17 AoE Dmg 40
60 Atom Balm Deathless Mag Size 54 Health Regen 352 ASCR 27
60 Cutpurse Launchpad 32 Grenade Dmg 43 AOE Dmg 21 Rad Dmg
60 Cutpurse Launchpad 43 AOE Dmg 54 Mag Size 352 Health Regen
60 Flesh Melter Victory Rush 27 ASCR 54 Mag Size 18 Reload Speed
60 Snowdrift Victory Rush 54 Mag Size 21 Shock Dmg 27 ASCR
65 Atom Balm Deathless Mag Size 62 Reload 19 Shock Resist 39
65 Flesh Melter Otto Idol AOE 48 Max Shield 6067 Accuracy 33

Got redistributor rainbow, flippers, some complex root, and some dlc4 guns. All in SNTNL. Havent updated my spreadsheet yet so i dont remember which ones. Can check more when i get home from work.
Interested in all you have in ase100 and sntnl i dont have :slightly_smiling_face:

I guess all your stuff is 65, cus the topic says 60 But in the post you say 65…

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Wow, I just realized the post says lvl 60. My apologies, all the items are 65.

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UPDATED 09/16 w/ DLC 4 guns.

I got 2 old gods on me, one cryo with shock ASE, and other Rad with cryo ASE. Would like the shock sntnl flipper and a rad sntnl redistributor.

I’ve got two 50/150 plaguebaerer, I forget which elements I think ones cryo I’ll have to check tomorrow
I’m interested in your x2 rogue sntl cryo & or the rad sntl cryo lightshow
Psn capnhonkers


The two 50/150 plaguebearers work for me. PSN me when you get a chance and ill send the x2 Rogue SNTL and the Lightshow rad SNTL over.

I get up early super early I’ll message you before I leave for work if I don’t get a chance tonight

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Psn mag sent, I’m neglecting my children to facilitate this transaction

Respect. Ill send your items within the hour.

Ones cryo the others corrosive

Both should be in your mail

Items sent. Good doing business.


i have a fire septimator prime with sentinel cryo. would you do the rad or fire sentinel redistributor?


Ill take the septimator prime for the redistributor. PSN me and let me know if you want the rad or fire one.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

psn is demonofsparta. when i get on later today ill message ya

mailed you the septimator prime. send me the redistributor whenever you are able to.

Ill send it over later today after work. Which element do you want… Fire or Rad?