LF Lvl 65 Nova Berner

Must be 65 and have the ASA annoint. I don’t have much to trade but I could use this to help you get anything you need. Would really appreciate it, thank you

What kind of ASA?

So sorry. Meant Action Skill Start

AS Start activate effect of shield break

do you have any level 65 old gods? Or urad flippers?

No but I can definitely farm some and see what I can do if that works for you?

Any specific old gods or elements for flipper?

Do you have any good level 65 urad or 100ase gun? Or that new shield “plus ultra” with the exiting iron bear grants 75% shields? Or just that shield with any anointment, or old gods with any elemental ase

add me regardless, and I’ll send it your way. Psn kirkvisa

I will have to check. Let me log on really quick and I let you know

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Okay. Thank you, I will see if I can get anything you want and if I do I’ll send it over to you

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I’ve got a plus ultra with ASE cryo if you’re interested in that

What does it look like?

Damn thats a nice one. I’m definitely in it. I won’t be on till after this time tomorrow as I’m out of town though

no worries, I’ll have it mailed over later today - PSN is lukman4068, you’re already on my friends list

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