LF Lvl 65 Pearl of Knowledge and Stop Gap

LF lvl 65 Pearl with Mag size bonus, and + fire rate if possible

Lvl 65 Stop Gap with Action Skill Start trigger shield effects anoint

Psn: ItzConceited_

I have stop gap ass, any interesting terror gear? Lf red suits, brawler ward, fire old god w terror ase or terror on melee and it s piss grenade with damage fire rate on terror

Got any urad guns for stopgap?

I might have something, not positive. I know I have a pestilence with urad from my previous build. But I think that’s it

Itzconceited add me i have the pearl and i’ll send it,i’m mostly looking for urad gear from dlc4

I have lots of terror gear red suits and old gods add me

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PM me with what your looking for ,i have alot of urad

I actually already got the Pearl, just forgot to edit it out. Do you have a stop gap with ASS?

Just add me homie I’ll shoot it over tonight. You get any urad stuff think of me


I added you. The Pearl that I got wasn’t the one that I needed

Also interested in a 65 pearl btw :+1: