LF lvl 67+ coop partners to record showcase videos for my coop build

I’m currently missing all classes, as with the new DLC and lvl cap raise:

  • wilhelm
  • jack
  • claptrap
  • athena
  • nisha
  • aurelia

We’ll do one badass round and a raid boss fight, and each time. Script is pretty simple:

  • Video starts
  • I show my gear, skills and bar
  • I inspect you (same as above)
  • we sign a baroness contract
  • free game play.
  • show and inspect and skill tress afterward

To make it worth your while, you can choose any 3 items from my Buy-Sell-Trade store for free or have my support for completing challenges or boss fights.

Sound good?

Then let’s get in touch! Steam: wintypes / Ha_Na

I am up for it if you need another Wilhelm in pink

Hey great. I’d maybe postpone this for lvl 70 with the new Dlc though

yes, Dlc will hopefully be great.

I friended you on steam (uuuucrankdat), claptrap is my favorite