LF LVL 68 Bee and a few other items to help me fast track

Hi I’m looking for a LVL 68 Bee

ALso LVL 68 sandhawk/fibber/Lyudmila (corrosive variants if you have any)


Hey dude, when you get to lvl 72 I can give you the gear you’re asking for.

PSN dogstar13

Awesome. I just hit lvl 70 last night so it shouldn’t be too much longer. :slight_smile:


Hey man! Finally got a chance to hit LVL 72 last night. Can I send you an invite next time im online?

PSN: deejayh

Yep, just send one over.

I might be pushing it but do you have a spare peak opener as well?

You are pushing it…hit me up online and I’ll see what I can do

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So a few Norfleets are out of the question I take it?
j/k! lol

Seriously though thanks for helping me out. Whatever you offer I appreciate. :slight_smile:

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