LF lvl 70 slapper

this rated high in the top gear so I guess I need to try it out. lots of guns to trade for it.

I have a spare one on my Nisha. Works best with freeze’n’smash, rather unspectacular on its own.

I’m looking for Purple Longbow Cryo and Longbow Cryo Transfusion grenades

let me check my characters mav have one

found it, I will try to catch you later,

but I am really confused, the top gear thread called it the second best pistol for wilhelm.

It is, when you do the freeze’n’smash, it’s better than any other pistol. Triple damage from explosive on cryo plus 200% extra crit damage on cryo. And a high base damage to start with. That’s some huge damage.

If you use it outside cryo, the damage will feel puny in comparison.

that explains it. Thank you, I am not a freeze guy so I guess I don’t need it. Sorry for the confusion, but you can still have the longbow cyro

done thanks Ha Na

OK…I’m going to preach some heresy.

DP Fragnum…with Freeze and Smash…at the correct in your face range…

Will FAR out damage a Slapper.

But you gotta be close…up close and personal close.

It is NOT as ammo efficient and if the range gets too far away, it is useless. But a DP Fragnum to the head of a frozen target where all pellets are hitting can be as good as a Torquemada/Ravager

did some testing this morning, using wilhelm with my standard build and BA points against the target dummy number 1 I got the following results for pure single shot damage:

Maggie 209k
Shooterang 153k
Slapper 223k
Luck Cannon 392k

clearly my maggie is no longer champion. I am very sad today.

Next I may look at DPS, the shooterang and slapper may have some advantage there.

The fragnum sounds interesting, but I generally try not to get that close to enemies, so it may not work for my style of play.