LF Lvl 72 Evisceration Grog Nozzle

Looking for for a lvl 72 Evisceration Grog. Reply here or send me a message I’m willing to trade a variety of op8 weapons. GT is Extroez

I thought the only way to get the Grog Nozzle is to leave The Beard Makes the Man mission open, if so it cannot be obtained by trade legitimately. I believe, someone correct me if I’m wrong, you are asking for ill gotten goods.

It’s possible someone may have one from the community day loot hunt of a few years back- it dropped from the Gold Golem on that particular day (I got a level 42 one myself that I’m NOT giving up…).

Thanks I had no idea

I know what im asking for, sitting there saving and quiting over and over till i get a blade is boring.Since the weapons is so essential for high level gameplay and since I’ve seen other posts about it I figured its alright to ask for

I have one I can give you but I will offline until Monday. So shot me a message on Monday and I will hook you up. GT: visual x sniper

Will do dude, thanks

This, I farmed several Grogs during this event at several different levels, then never used them, still have them tucked away somewhere in several different toons backpacks. So, yes it is a legit Trade.

not really, Ive tried it out on all my toons and found it mehhh, there are builds that use it, but it is not essential for high level gameplay