LF lvl 72 gear for Zane

If anyone has some spare gear I would be happy to recieve. Don’t have much to send in return just yet. But I will send something your way in time. Looking for:

  • O.P.Q.
  • Light Show (all elements)
  • Monarch x6 (all elements)
  • Backburner (all elements)
  • Multi-tap
  • Atlas Replay
  • Tizzy (all elements, x2)
  • Free Radical
  • Torrents (any element)
  • Redistributor (all elements)
  • Flipper (all elements)
  • Plasma Coil
  • Hellwalker
  • Plaguebearer (any elements)
  • Root (any elements)
  • Re-Volter (ASS, good tripple roll)
  • Vladof Company Man (Crit dmg, Dmg, Mag)

Anointment isn’t important :wink:

My PSN: Mads_J


I can send you hellwalker cryo sntl if you still need
got opq as well

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That would be really nice :+1: Thanks mate :grinning:

I know I’ve got some monarchs I can send in addition to some other items on your list. I’m not gonna be on till prob later today but I’ll check and send a friend request.
Psn: Chazzad

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Thanks mate :grinning: I don’t know when I’ll be online next time. But I’ll accept your friend request as soon as possible. Thanks again.