LF lvl 72 items


I am hoping to find help acquiring some gear which I just have no luck in finding after days of farming. I hope you fellow Vaulthunters can help. I am looking for the following all at lvl 72:

Sir Hammerlock’s Rex all Jakobs parts (sights and stock) preferably with the Two-fer prefix

Boss Bekah

Incendiary Practicable Butcher

And here are some skins I am looking for as well for my Gunzerker:

Lavender but not Brown


I have a good pool of items from which to offer trades!

Thank you!

I have everything you need but on holiday till next Friday if you still need them next week just psn me rockshox

Will do. Thank you!

I sent you a request on PSN. WarriorCelt1314. Thank you!