LF Lvl 72 Legendary Titan COM

Hello all. Looking for a Lvl. 72 Legendary Titan COM if anyone has one they don’t need. Only a legit item, please. No modded stuff. I have a 72 Sham, 72 Butcher, 72 Bitch, 2 72 Thunderball Fists, 2 72 UHs, Legendary Siren, 72 Legendary Psycho, 72 Legendary Catalyst, 71 Legendary Cat, 71 Legendary Roboteer, 70 Legendary Binder, 70 Legendary Killer, 70 Legendary Anarchist, and a 68 Legendary Hunter. Anyone who is willing to trade me a good 72 Legendary Titan COM is welcome to any/all of the items I just mentioned.

I got a level 72 that you can have

PSN: Mini_Holmesy

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I really appreciate it man. I’ll be home in a couple of hours, and I’ll add you then.



just got a Op8 Titan if that is any help, sorry its not 72


I have one you can have.
Psn: GreatGrindfather

Actually, do you still have that leg. Anarchist mod?

I do.