LF lvl 72 (or up to OP 4) Blurred Trickster

I give up on farming for it. I decided to try both the Dragon Keep as well as Marcus’ train. I started my farming with 42 eridium, and I now have 466…guess how many trickster mods I got. Yeah, it’s been one of those days.

If anyone has one laying around, let me know please.

I am surprised you didn’t find one while farming the Loot Train, since you always find several COMs. FYI, there are 2 versions of the Blurred Trickster. Both give up to +32% Fire Rate (at OP8). From level 72 to OP2, the max is +31% Fire Rate. At OP3+ it goes up to +32% Fire Rate. The purple version gives +5 Chain Reaction, +4 Kinetic Reflection and +4 Life Tap. The blue version gives +6 Chain Reaction and +5 Kinetic Reflection. There may be a blue variant that gives +6 Chain Reaction and +5 Life Tap. Personally I prefer the purple COM because I like having both KR and LT, in addition to CR. There is a thread that discusses a Blurred Trickster build in the Maya section.

Unfortunately, I play on Xbox 360 so cannot give you the extra one I have. If you end up going back to farming, I would farm the Loot Train and not bother with Dragon Keep. You probably have a better chance of getting one of the Dragon Keep COMs than you do a Blurred Trickster from the Dragon Keep DLC. Incidentally, I have never seen one of the Dragon Keep COMs in the Loot Train DLC but have seen several variants of the Trickster and other COMs (for all characters) while farming the Loot Train as Maya…

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Me too. I got loads and loads of COMs, but most of them were either binders or cats. I literally ran that thing over 75 times and not a single one.

I’m still doing it and I’m getting loads and loads of warder mods, but no tricksters. Not even the “■■■■■■” kind. Literally the rarest item in the game

Hey I have an extra purple blurred trickster. What level do you need? It is +Fire Rate, +5 Chain Reaction, +4 Life Tap, +4 Kinetic Reflection. Add me on steam I am a pc gamer. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198079661067/

I have an OP2 blurred trickster, +31% fire rate, +6 Chain Reaction +5 Life Tap