LF LvL 72 Sandhawk Variants

My psn is Chaos_Sorcerer_6 and I want any sandhawk preferably elemental other than slag. I have 72 Norfleets(slag and fire) Infinity(non and corr) LVL 70 DPUH and many others thank you and have a nice day.

Also I mght not be on the next day after this is posted so if I dont respond thts my fault sorry.


Add me… I’ll give em to you

Alrite what is your PSN id

What does bump mean?

it so that my post goes to the top of all posts so that everyone can see it when they come here

oh ok

i can booost you to OP8 and drop every variant then

how about that?

thanks for the offer but I want to go through op levels my self

I have all variants, happy to trade for norfleets at 72, or preferably a cobra.

Add me psn, danNYSamber

ok ill hit u up man thanks

Sounds good I’ll be on tmrw at around 2est