LF lvl 72 Stopping Sandhawks (Shock, Corrosive, Slag, Fire)

Hey everyone, I’m looking to trade for some level 72 Sandhawks. I have a variety of weapons both low level and high to trade. Thanks!

Nasty Ogre 50 None
Miss Moxxi’s Rubi 72 Slag
Asset Lady Fist 50 None
Fashionable Storm 68 Shock
Accurate Sawbar 69 Fire
Crammed Unkempt Harold 68 Explosive
Crammed Unkempt Harold 18 Explosive
Double Penetrating Unkempt Harold 71 Explosive
Swiss Deliverance 68 None
Original Deliverance 66 Slag
Extra Large Omen 50 Shock
Juicy Flakker 50 Explosive
Social Conference Call 50 None
Reactive Conference Call 35 Corrosive
Resolute Stinger 50 Corrosive
Resolute Infinity 48 Corrosive
Raider Gub 54 Corrosive
Hefty Baby Maker 19 None
Apt Hellfire 50 Fire
Balanced Slagga 20 Slag
Contingent Invader 45 Shock
Tl’kope Skullsmasher 17 None
Liquid Pitchfork 19 None
Fashionable Volcano 35 Fire
Scout Veruc 15 None
Fast Bulets Madhous! 24 None
Bustling Bunny 68 Fire
Bonus Bunny 67 Explosive

The Bee 72 None
The Bee 64 None
The Bee 50 None
Whisky Tango Foxtrot 71 Shock
Black Hole 46 Shock
Impaler 30 Corrosive

Legendary Siren 69
Slayer of Terramorphous 50

Homing Pandemic 70 Corrosive
Homing Storm Front 67 Shock
Rubberized Storm Front 45 Shock
Lobbed Quasar 17 Shock
Longbow Caustic Leech 35 Corrosive
Longbow Storm Front 35 Shock
Magic Missle 35 Slag
Corrosive Fastball 17 Corrosive
Fire Storm 35 Fire

Blood of the Ancients 69 Max Health (+43.6%)/pistol max ammo (+58.5%)
Blood of the Ancients 72 Max Health (+46.8%)/launcher max ammo (+63.0%)
Heart of the Ancients 70 Shotgun damage (+31.0%)/fight for your life time (+31.0%)/second wind health (+137%)
Bone of the Ancients 70 Corrosive Dmg (+32%)/cool down rate (39.0%)
Bone of the Ancients 70 Fire Dmg (+31%)/cool down rate (38.0%)
Blood of the Ancients 70 Max Health (+48.0%)/AR max ammo (+65%)
Heart of the Ancients 68 Launcher damage (+30.4%)/fight for your life time (+30.4%)
Blood of the Ancients 67 Max Health (+50.8%)/AR max ammo (+69.5%)/launcher max ammo (+69.5%)