Lf lvl 80 Axton and Maya gear

Items I’m really interested in are legendary soldier, hails, toothpicks, sandhawks, bekahs and legendary siren, cat and blurred trickster.
I have lvl 80 sham(94), hide(max), practicable interfacers(fire and corrosive), infinities, stormfront, quasar and a few others.

Message me on here or after 430pm est on xbox
Gt Darth Jon 77

Hi, I can help with the sandhawks shock and fire both flying, soldier mod, hails corrosive and fire all lv80. I have a wild bekah but lv79. Would like to trade for sham 94 and max hide. Would you happen to have a fire conferance call lv 80? Gamertag is TwofacedRan